A bit about me:
I have been a freelance designer for 9 years creating designs to help small businesses grow. I design for the company and the market to draw the clientele the business is looking for. I have also worked as a Digital Content & Graphics Specialist creating pathways, locations, and graphics for indoor maps. During that time I also assisted in creating standards and tracked those standards for quality control. I also worked as a motion graphics instructor at Seattle Film Institute.

A few things I’ve done:
Indoor mapping for applications
Print design for marketing
Invitation design
Freelance graphic design for small businesses

Some side projects:
Illustration for marketing
Real estate photography
Previously a volunteer at Seattle Humane
Refreshing my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

My strongest skills:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
Organization and standard creation
Spacial awareness and layout

What’s next:
I would like to broaden my skill set into UI and UX design but I do have a passion for organization and initiation of project standards and would be happy to continue in a role using those skills.

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